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Southern Entrepreneurs

Southern Entrepreneurs is a non-profit making business support service based in Hampshire.  Over the last decade we have helped hundreds of local businesses achieve success by giving them access to key business contacts and information.

We predominately work with small to medium sized businesses across the public and private sector. We support members to learn, network, connect and grow. SE is a member-led service – our members work across a number of different business sectors, giving us the knowledge to understand your business and support your growth.

We have built a strong community of like-minded business professionals who share knowledge, experience and best practice with the sole aim of achieving mutual success.

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30 Oct 2014

BLOG - Turn Linkedin contacts into real contacts

BLOG - Turn Linkedin contacts into real contacts

While it’s always interesting to receive a LinkedIn invitation, if you don’t know the sender or share any connections, it can often leave you scratching your head—especially if the message hasn’t been personalized. Over the years, I’ve received countless requests to connect with professionals whose careers have really intrigued me. But after accepting said invitation, I’ve never heard from them again, rendering it the virtual equivalent of a ding-dong-ditch


30 Oct 2014

BLOG - Are you gender equal

BLOG - Are you gender equal?

Women are beginning to gain a stronger stance in the boardroom, and with recent research from EEF revealing that one in five directors at FTSE 100 companies are now female, there’s certainly been a movement in corporate culture from seven years ago where all directors in FTSE 100 companies were male. Bearing these figures in mind, it is clear that there is less male dominance in the boardroom, but this must not be mistaken for the idea that gender equality has finally been achieved in business, particularly for SMEs.


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30 Oct 2014 18:00 - 20:00

Wessex House - EASTLEIGH

Eastleigh Networking

Guest speaker David Vane - blogging and why it may be just the boost your business needs



04 Nov 2014 10:00 - 13:00

Civic Offices - BASINGSTOKE

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