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Southern Entrepreneurs

Southern Entrepreneurs is a non-profit making business support service based in Hampshire.  Over the last decade we have helped hundreds of local businesses achieve success by giving them access to key business contacts and information.

We predominately work with small to medium sized businesses across the public and private sector. We support members to learn, network, connect and grow. SE is a member-led service – our members work across a number of different business sectors, giving us the knowledge to understand your business and support your growth.

We have built a strong community of like-minded business professionals who share knowledge, experience and best practice with the sole aim of achieving mutual success.

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Entrepreneurs on TV

Do you think reality programs such as The Apprentice and Dragons Den show entrepreneurs in a bad light?


22 Oct 2014

BLOG - Hows your work life balance

BLOG - How's your work life balance?

As parents settle into the new school year — a time for new schedules, new activities and new demands — the pressure to balance life and work is ever present. But to suggest there is some way to find a perfect ‘balance’ (i.e., to focus equal time and attention on work and home) is impossible in my mind. Or to put it more bluntly – the whole concept of work-life balance is bull.


20 Oct 2014

BLOG - How to waste your content marketing efforts

BLOG - How to waste your content marketing efforts

Wow, your traffic numbers look awesome! Growing faster than kudzu in a southern state, you’ve got the whole thing licked! Kudos. Kick back and relax, job well done


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27 Oct 2014 09:15 - 13:30


Workshop 1: Car clubs, fleet telematics and integrating sustainable travel



28 Oct 2014 10:00 - 13:00

Wessex House - EASTLEIGH

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