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Southern Entrepreneurs

Southern Entrepreneurs is a non-profit making business support service based in Hampshire.  Over the last decade we have helped hundreds of local businesses achieve success by giving them access to key business contacts and information.

We predominately work with small to medium sized businesses across the public and private sector. We support members to learn, network, connect and grow. SE is a member-led service – our members work across a number of different business sectors, giving us the knowledge to understand your business and support your growth.

We have built a strong community of like-minded business professionals who share knowledge, experience and best practice with the sole aim of achieving mutual success.

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31 Jul 2014

BLOG - The end of paper

BLOG - The end of paper?

Are we ready for a paperless office?

Nowadays there is a lot of pressure on companies, small businesses and enterprises alike, to strive for a completely ‘paperless office’ and it’s easy to understand why. The news is saturated with the likes of government bodies pushing for ‘digital-by-default’ and guides like WRAP’s Green Office advising on best practice. But in reality, only 1 per cent of EU businesses has actually achieved a paperless office. While society is pushing for an ideal initiative, it’s clearly not delivering ideal results. So what’s going wrong?


29 Jul 2014

BLOG - Marketing

BLOG - Marketing

Marketing -  is it "pink and fluffy"?

Some time ago when I was out networking (always a joy) I was delighted when a visitor approached me saying she had remembered a talk I had given 4 years ago.

The thing she remembered most vividly was me standing there with a pen complete with pink feathers saying that contrary to popular opinion marketing was not pink and fluffy at all.


Coming Events


16 Jun 2014 - 13 Aug 2014 


From the 13th December 2014,  EU Food Information for Consumers (FIC) Regulation 1169/2011 comes into force, the legislation relates to allergen labeling on non-pre-packed foods, any business who provides food or drink to the consumer will have to comply!

Are you aware of your obligations under the regulations?

Food Allergy Training Consultancy is offering 3 hour workshops to help you understand the regulations and get you started on providing the information required



19 Aug 2014 10:00 - 13:00

Middlebrook Centre- WINCHESTER

Google Adwords fundamentals

Running low budget PROFITABLE campaigns