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Southern Entrepreneurs

Southern Entrepreneurs is a non-profit making business support service based in Hampshire.  Over the last decade we have helped hundreds of local businesses achieve success by giving them access to key business contacts and information.

We predominately work with small to medium sized businesses across the public and private sector. We support members to learn, network, connect and grow. SE is a member-led service – our members work across a number of different business sectors, giving us the knowledge to understand your business and support your growth.

We have built a strong community of like-minded business professionals who share knowledge, experience and best practice with the sole aim of achieving mutual success.

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18 Aug 2014

BLOG - Working 9 to 5

BLOG - Working 9 to 5?

Is it time to kick the 9 to 5 habit?

New technology enables us to work from anywhere at anytime. So shouldn't more businesses make a break with the past?

Mornings are busy times in my household. With two pre-school children to deal with and both myself and my wife working full-time, there's plenty going on. Like most parents, we don't need alarm clocks; we have two human ones that start to chirp at 7am and sometimes much earlier. But we're the lucky ones. I have worked as a freelancer since before they were born and my wife works from home most days. There's no 7.53 train for either of us to catch. Some mornings I can write 800 words before breakfast, other times I can look after the kids while my wife makes an early start. Our days have flexibility, if they didn't we'd be poorer both financially and time-wise.


13 Aug 2014

BLOG - Are you missing out on life

BLOG - Are you missing out on life?

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

“Yeah…Uh huh…Uh huh…Yeah…No way! Uh huh.”

This was the response I got when talking to a friend the other day. I could tell he wasn’t really listening, because he was browsing Facebook at the time.

Why was his smartphone more important than me? It didn’t used to be this way.

I know I’m at risk of sounding out-of-touch and technophobic. But I really do think this is a much bigger problem than we perceive.

We’re talking about our lives here. Do we really want to dedicate them to an iPhone?


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