Tenders & Contracts

Procurement at Eastleigh

details of local government contracts and tenders can be found on: www.busunessportal.southeastiep.gov.uk

The Council has a devolved procurement structure that is managed through its Contract Procedure Rules and Financial Regulations.
A Procurement Strategy provides an over-arching framework for the development of procurement to meet the Council's corporate objectives.  
This is supported by a Code of Practice that provides guidance on the application of the Strategy. 
A Procurement Executive Group, chaired by the Corporate Director (Chief Financial Officer), oversees both the strategic and operational aspects to ensure that procurement achieves value for money in the delivery of the Council's strategic priorities.
The terms and conditions of trading with the Council are set out in the following documents and apply except where a specific separate contract exists:


The Council has a Corporate Procurement Officer and he may be contacted on 02380 688008 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.