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Business Support

Southern Entrepreneurs is committed to supporting members to learn, network, connect and grow. Our business support programme focuses on growing your business through the provision of access to the best information and knowledge, and connecting you with the people who can take your business to the next level. Depending on what works for you, our support can be either passive or active; by considering business type, business aim and the stage of its development will enable us to gauge the right approach.

When engaging with our business support programme, the first task is to gain a full 360° view of your business; goals, customer base, current challenges, opportunities and successes. This will be gained during a two-hour, one-to-one business review and consultation with a leading training and business support partner. From this session, you will receive a comprehensive report that will provide details of our findings and, more importantly, a new perspective on your business. We will also include details of further one-to-one support available to you from both Southern Entrepreneurs and other third party organisations well suited to take your business forward.

Our business support programme can help your business by providing peer learning and mentoring groups from some of the South’s leading business experts. As a member, you will be offered a free* consultation meeting with one of our esteemed business managers. The consultation will include a thorough review of your business’ strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures, putting you on the right track to achieve your business goals.

This, combined with our training, events and information-rich newsletters, means that Southern Entrepreneurs is the best portal for enabling your business and its staff to learn, network, connect and grow.

*Depending on business location

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started with Southern Entrepreneurs. Joining is free! Simply visit our ‘Join Us’ page to register your company details and we will confirm your membership within 24 hours.

Once membership is confirmed, we invite you to speak to one of our friendly staff who will diagnose what support you need and what will specifically benefit your business. We will then schedule a meeting for you to meet an industry-aligned mentor with the experience and knowledge required to help your business improve and grow. Your mentor will conduct a thorough assessment of your business providing the basis from which a structured growth plan can be created. This plan will be delivered as part of a fully comprehensive report that details all matters discussed during the session, including identified business goals and strategies to achieve them. Whether you continue your journey with the support of Southern Entrepreneurs or decide to take on the task alone, this report will guide your intermediate steps.

Support Sessions

At your initial meeting you will be introduced to your mentor. Your mentor will explain the objectives of the mentorship with you and work on what you hope to collectively achieve.

In order to assess your business goals, key objectives, and work toward a business plan and timeline that meets them, your mentor will go through the structure and operation of your business with you. Your marketing and sales processes, employee performance, costs and overheads, cash flow, corporate tax and how you raise capital or funding will be reviewed at this point.

You will identify key performance indicators with your mentor and together you will develop a strategy that achieves and tracks your business goals. Additionally, this exercise will provide you with valuable input on areas where your business might not be so strong and insight into opportunities you are yet to explore.

This two-hour session is FREE*. You will then have access to your mentor for ad hoc advice and questions, but if you wish to continue with more structured support, two further sessions are available at a discounted rate of £200 + VAT per session.

*Depending on business location

Your Mentor

Your first mentor session is complimentary through your Southern Entrepreneurs membership, however, if you wish to engage in more structured support, we are delighted to offer you two further sessions at a discounted cost.

Your mentor will be able to provide you with practical hands-on help and support. Sharing their skills, knowledge and professional experience with you in order to fast track you to success.

Mentors can provide an independent perspective on your business, acting as a sounding board for new ideas. They can work with you to set new goals and clarify the direction your business is taking. They can also help you develop new skills and expertise, and prepare you for times of change.

Mentor will:

  • Listen: A sounding board for your research, helping you to build your business with confidence
  • Support: Encourage you to reach your business goals
  • Highlight: Draw attention to some of the finer details you might not have considered, such as cash flow and income projections
  • Focus: Help you to maintain an overview of your business goals at all times
  • Measure: Support with budgeting and sales conversion rates and website traffic statistics.

In addition to mentoring support, we also offer local, discounted training programmes to members who would like to enhance their skills, from digital marketing to management skills.

One-to-One Support

It can be daunting going through business challenges on your own. Our one-to-one support offers you confidential advice from trusted business leaders who have been through the same challenges as you.

One-to-one support gives members an independent, objective perspective of their business from the inside out. Our programme is designed to guide you through a thorough business diagnostic, looking at the following areas:

  • Business set up, structure and assets
  • Business vision and goals
  • Experience and skills
  • Employees
  • Marketing, above and below the line
  • Customer analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Financial review
  • Personal expenditure.

This programme can benefit you by:

  • giving you clarity on your business goals and business plan
  • provide you with reassurance on business decisions and practical advice on business, finance and development
  • provide access to valuable business contacts.

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